Philippe Starck’s new Ecuador skyscraper incorporates lush vegetation

French designer Philippe Starck’s design house YOO Inspired by Starck has unveiled its design for a new residential and commercial tower in Ecuador. Dubbed YOO GYE, the 46-floor skyscraper is expected to be complete in Guayaquil’s Puerto Santa Ana neighborhood in 2027, according to Dezeen.

YOO GYE, developed by locally based Uribe Schwarzkopf, will comprise 633 apartments, as well as a spa, outdoor pools, a cinema, retail space, and more. “I wanted to create fertile surprises to awake people, to create conversations, to create interactions and to trigger creativity,” Starck says of the structure. “A place where us, humans, are at its heart. YOO GYE will be this place, this island, this sort of paradise designed for the happiness of the people who will live in it.”

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