Travelodge UK redesign – budget deluxe.

Travelodge to launch new budget-luxe design.

Travelodge, the U.K.’s largest independent hotel brand, announced they were evolving their core brand product to a new budget-luxe premium look and feel design, while maintaining the group’s value price proposition. The new design has been created following the success of TravelodgePLUS, the group’s chic hotel format, with feedback from the company’s consumer study which surveyed roughly 5,000 business and leisure travelers in the U.K.

The new budget-luxe design (video) will be introduced across the group’s properties in the U.K. with a multi-million-pound investment to upgrade 60 hotels this year. Five hotels will be completed by this month, including three hotels in London at Southwark, Vauxhall and Wembley as well as Southampton and Thame (Oxfordshire) close to Travelodge’s headquarters. 

The new design will include low-cost efficiencies with the benefit of thoughtful, homely and stylish designs in its interiors. Besides introducing a new signature navy blue brand color, the properties will also include the Bar Café, a contemporary designed restaurant with spaces that allow guests to socialize, work and relax. The new design will also feature sustainable initiatives like carpets being made of recycled fishing nets and old plastic bottles, low energy lighting and aerated showers and taps.

This revamp shows that budget doesn’t compel cheap. And if Travelodge can really pull this off and get the public to think Travelodge = budget deluxe this would open possibilities, especially converting existing properties, not only in the U.K. but also on the continent.

Travelodge to launch new budget-luxe design.
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