Top 10 most annoying “hotel talk” in press releases and online communications

I am reading press releases about new hotel openings and other marketing stuff and copy on a daily basis. The lack of original writing is simply killing (has every single editor followed the same course?). It was easy to put together this top 10 of annoying PR talk.

  1. “Boutique Hotel”

Usually used for a property that doesn’t meet chain standards: with hundreds of rooms, operated by a multinational, institutionalized company. Let’s bury this categorization all together.

2. “Much Anticipated opening”

Believe me, no new hotel opening is (much) anticipated. Maybe by the owners who have put millions in it and would like to see a return on their money, but surely not by the general public. They couldn’t care less.

3. “Thoughtfully designed”

I hope so! Isn’t the very idea of design that someone thought about it rather than throwing some things together? Even wabi sabi is a thought.

4. “Exciting”

As in “an exciting new lobby, bar and restaurant design” It’s the same as thoughtfully designed. Does anyone want un-exciting design?

5. “First Premium Luxury Lifestyle Collection”

Makes all the brands within the same chain dull, mediocre and bland.

6. “an extensive twelve-month renovation”

Extensive means they didn’t do their job 50%, did they? Or did the renovation take twice as long calculated? Did they do all of the property or just some touch ups to the rooms? Questions, questions, questions.

7. “impactful artwork”

I guess that means it is something better than the run-of-the-mill art that usually ‘adorns’ hotel public spaces and guest rooms.

8. “feel”

“Which allow the rooms to feel highly contemporary and cozy at the same time” Feel. So actually they are not. As if highly contemporary means they cannot be cozy.

9. “Crafted cocktails”

I believe that every single cocktail is something that is individually crafted. They’re not pre-packed, are they?

Last eight items came from one single press release.

10. “This is our guests’ favorite part of …., according to independent reviews.”

Seen on – with every single property description.

11. Top ten lists

Guilty. Or top 3, 25 or 100 lists. Seen on every single social media channel (especially looking at you, Pinterest) and even established media. Let’s stop this too. 18 is a nice number, so is 34.

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