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No reception, no intermediaries, no ‘human’ interventions: enter the (smart)phone hotel

*** This article was published earlier (March 2018) on my website DNA Hotels. In the light of the current pandemic it is actual again ***

The first hotel controlled entirely by the guests’ mobile phone, the four-star KViHotel in Budapest, has opened its doors earlier this month. The Forty rooms are managed from the TMRW Hotels app on iOS and Android devices. The app allows you to pay online, book taxis with your credit card using the hotel wifi and check local city guides.

The TMRW app allows you to pay online, check-in, control the temperature of your room (even remotely), book taxis with your credit card using the hotel wifi, check local city guides and even virtually put the “do not disturb” sign on your door. Not that you will bothered much, as staff is reduced to only 15 people. And with savings like no need to print paper documents, prices are competitive. Also, as no bookings are available through OTA’s the hotel also saves on commissions (note: the hotel was available some time on Booking).

Also, the app offers a virtual customer service available 24 hours a day, regardless of where the customer is located.

The cleaning and maintenance tasks carried out by the floor maids are organized thanks to an algorithm from the TMRW application. When a guest leaves the room, the preparation of that room in the cleaning list is prioritized and, when it is finished, the app sends a message to the next guest that the room is available.

The KViHotel is located on Nyàr Street, near a park in a lively yet quiet neighbourhood. It opened after two years of construction entirely focused on technological development. The latter enables guests to book with a click, access check-in up until 48 hours before arrival, choose their favourite room and floor. You can obviously get in at any time, by opening a digital main door.

“Minimal” is not only the keyword for staff, but also for the design, both in communal spaces and rooms, available in three different typologies (Superior, Deluxe and Junior Suite) ranging from 18 to 36m2. Rooms feature splashes of yellow, blue, green and grey, and glass-enclosed bathrooms.

What do you think? Do you prioritize the room rate over service? Or are you happy not seeing anyone? Leave a comment!

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